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Adventure Kids Learning Expedition

Every year when we travel to Guatemala to install a drinking water system, we Skype with students in the U.S. to teach them about water and sanitation systems.  This also gives them a unique experience to interact with students in the Guatemalan community.  

Each connection is unique.  Some connections occur while we are at the job site, while others take place at the local grade school.  Both are beneficial for the students.  When we are at the job site, we are able to broadcast and explain what it takes to bring water to a community; as well as interact with people from the community.  Broadcasting from a school allows students from each community learn about one another.  Once we have explained where we are and what are project entails, we designate ample time to allow students from both countries to ask one another questions.


Our team would love to connect with your classroom!

(Grades 4th through 12th only please)


Hope to see you in Guatemala!

FAQ Adventure Kids Learning

What does my classroom need to connect with AKLe?

  1. A Skype Account/ID – please visit to create a Skype ID if you do not already have one.

  2. An internet connection

  3. A laptop, pc or tablet

  4. The ability to project the laptop, pc or tablet onto a screen or white board.  It will be easiest for everyone in the classroom to see if the screen can be enlarged.

  5. A microphone.  Often times, the microphone built into the laptop, pc or tablet is sufficient.  This is primarily so that the classroom can ask questions to AKLe.

  6. Speakers.  Preferably more than just the speakers built into the laptop, pc or tablet.  External speakers will make it much easier for the classroom to hear AKLe.

  7. The classroom ready to ask questions.  Each connection is different.  Sometimes we are at a job site showing the students the work that is being performed and other times we are at a school.  When we are at a school, most of the time is spent having the students ask one another questions.  We often do not know which day we will be where until we arrive in country.

  8. We also find that it is easiest if the laptop/microphone/camera is set up in a location that allows students to walk up and ask questions.

What should our classroom expect during our connection?

  1. Although we would love to talk indefinitely with classrooms around the world, due to the high cost to connect, we strive to have each connection last about a half-an-hour. 

  2. Adventure Kids Learning Expedition will call your classroom at the start of your selected time.  Please log into Skype so that AKLe can see your ID online.

    1. If you do not hear from AKLe or see us online at the time of your connection, it is possible that we are having connection issues.  Please keep in mind that connecting to the internet via a satellite modem is not guaranteed.  If we are having issues connecting, we will call the phone number that you have provided at time of registration to update you of our status.

  3. Once connected, AKLe will briefly introduce who the classroom will be talking with on this day. 

  4. We will give background about the current project; where we are in the world, what type of project we are working on and who we are helping. 

  5. If we are at a job site during your connection, the classroom will see the work being performed and typically speak with people from the local community.

  6. If we are at a school during your connection, we will allow plenty of time for the students to ask one another questions.

  7. Also, please note that more than likely, we will be in a Spanish speaking country.  When we talk with people from the community that do not speak English, we will have an interpreter with us so that the students in the United States can ask their questions.  Please allow a few moments for interpretation in both directions. 

What are some questions that the students ask one another?

  1. What do you do for fun?

    1. What are your favorite sports?

    2. What type of games do you play?

  2. What chores do you do at home?

  3. Which subjects are you studying at school?

  4. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

  5. Do you have any pets?  What kind and what are their names?

  6. What are your favorite foods?

  7. What is your favorite Holiday?

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