Adventure Kids Learning Expedition

Every year when we travel to Guatemala to install a drinking water system, we Skype with students in the U.S. to teach them about water and sanitation systems.  This also gives them a unique experience to interact with students in the Guatemalan community.  

Each connection is unique.  Some connections occur while we are at the job site, while others take place at the local grade school.  Both are beneficial for the students.  When we are at the job site, we are able to broadcast and explain what it takes to bring water to a community; as well as interact with people from the community.  Broadcasting from a school allows students from each community learn about one another.  Once we have explained where we are and what are project entails, we designate ample time to allow students from both countries to ask one another questions.


Our team would love to connect with your classroom!

(Grades 4th through 12th only please)


Hope to see you in Guatemala!

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