Consulting Engineer
Roberto - Circuit Writer
Protecting water supply at home
Tank Construction - 2013
Base of Tank - 2013
Mixing Concrete - 2013
Forming Bases of Tanks - 2013
Making Bases of Tank - 2013
Trenching for Piping - 2013
Day 1 - 2013
2013-Day 1 Laying out Tank Locations
Bathroom at School (Before) 2012
Pipe Bridge - 2012
Typical Piping in Guatemala
School Playing with Donated Frisbees
Hand Washing Station - 2012
Roof of Bathrooms - 2012
Bathrooms at School (After) 2012
Handwashing Station - 2012
Completed Water Tank - 2013
Water Tanks - 2013
Tank Construction - 2013
Mixing Aggregate - 2013
Surveying Future Project - 2013
Concepcion Spring Box - 2013
Center Piece for Water Tank
Overview of Tierra Linda Project - 2
Assembling Service - 2013
Bucket Brigade - 2013
Buckets of Concrete - 2013
Concrete for Base of Tank - 2013
Hauling Rocks for Tank Base - 2013
Design of Piping - 2013
El Rosario Spring Box - 2011

What We Do


We raise funds to develop projects for sustainable drinking water systems, system operations training, sanitation, and health & hygiene education for rural Guatemalan communities. 


Our volunteers also assist with system design, construction and training.  The communities are active participants in all construction.  Community involvement and ownership are key aspects of a sustainable water system.


No contributions to WWW are used for our administration, salaries or engineering/design costs.  Donations are used to purchase materials, supplies and in-country professional services.


Who We Are


Imagine spending 20% of your waking hours toiling for water.  Every day requires physical labor to bring water to your home for your family.  The resources that we have at our fingertips are scarce in communities not far from here… Central America.


Wisconsin Water for the World (WWW) is a part of the Wisconsin Water Association.  We consist of water professionals, teachers, engineers, scientists and others who volunteer to bring potable drinking water to communities in need.