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La Esperanza 2018
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Adventure Kids Learning Expedition


Adventure Kids Learning (AKL) was developed by WWW members in 2008.  This distance on-line learning offers students the chance to learn about the culture, geography, climate of Guatemala and the water project that is being built  by the WWW implementation team.


Thru a satellite modem, laptop and webcam interactive sessons are made using video conferencing.  Classrooms in the USA then connect to AKL at their assigned times they scheduled for. 


The AKL program conducts 4 sessions per day while on the two week implementation trip and the individual session are around 35-45 minutes.


This year in March, another trip to Guatemala is planned and the Adventure Kids are going on this expedition!  Join us by clicking on the Join Our Adventure button.  

Join our expedition to Guatemala!

Classrooms between grades 4th and 12th are invited to chat with us during our expedition to Guatemala.



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